Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

If you can’t tell yet, I love giving small gifts to people! Today I’m sharing a simple Valentine’s Day gift idea that would be great to give teachers, grandparents, or a friend! I saw these cute berry baskets at Michael’s the other day and LOVE that they come in so many different colors now! My daughter and I have been kind of obsessed with our gold Sharpie, so I thought this was a perfect spot to use it for Valentine’s Day!



 First off, decide what you want to put in your basket. We chose to make heart sugar cookies. Don’t feel like you have to make them though if you are  short on time. Grab a container of frosted pink cookies from the Target instead!


Supplies needed:

Berry baskets found at Michael’s

Dollies (found mine at Dollar Tree)

Piece of gold glitter paper (or pattern of your choice to make a heart tag)

Gold Sharpie

Baker’s twine


Hole punch

Cookies to put in the basket

Cellophane wrap roll


First, you’ll want to use your Sharpie to draw a bunch of little hearts on your basket. There’s no right or wrong way to do it!


Next, take 2 dollies and gently shape them into the bottom of the basket leaving a little bit sticking up over the top of each side. Fill up your basket with your choice of goodies.


Take the cellophane wrap and measure it so it’s about 12 inches tall on each side of the basket. Use your baker’s twine to tie it closed. We then cut a heart out of the gold glitter paper and she wrote a little note of the back. Punch a hole in the heart and attach it to one end of the twine.


I know I’d be happy to receive a cute little basket of cookies! Happy Gift Giving!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. This is so very sweet! I love that idea! Would go over well for any holiday! Thank you for sharing at my craft party!! Be sure to link up again every Thursday at 7pm EST. I’ll pin every instructional post!

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