Skylander Storage Solution

Do you have a Skylander fan in your house? I sure do! My son has been playing since the original game, Spyro’s Adventure, came out a few years back. Since then he has asked Santa for the new game each year, so he has quite the collection of Skylanders. When he only had the first game, we stored all of the characters in a nice basket that he would tote back and forth from his room when he wanted to play. With his collection growing over time we needed a better plan. A couple years ago, I gave my IKEA square coffee table a makeover and decided this would be a perfect spot for his growing collection. We took a trip to Michael’s and bought 2 white photo boxes. We’re up to 5 boxes right now, but he just received the new game for Christmas, so another trip to Michael’s is in our near future.

Our Skylander Storage

He took it upon himself to label each of the boxes on the top (hence the misspelling), so he can make sure all of his characters are safely put back into their correct box. It makes it very easy for him to find the character that he’s looking for. It also keeps them in the room that he’ll be using them in and makes mom happy that everything is put away and looks pretty.

Our Skylander Storage

Of course this storage solution can be used for anything, not just Skylander’s. Think Legos, Littlest Pet Shop, the possibilities are endless! Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea to help in your home.

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