Thankful Tree

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Welcome November! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two most favorite holidays! Each year since even before the kids could write themselves, we’ve had a Thankful Tree up in our home all of November. Each day, they write one thing they are thankful for. Sometimes they come up with some pretty silly things, like their stuffed animals and dinosaurs but remember food and their beds. When they’re small, those little things really matter to them as well. Twenty-six days is sometimes hard for a kid to come up with that many things they are thankful for, but it makes them really think about what’s important to them. Each year I save all of the leaves when I take the tree down, put them in a baggie with the year on it so we can always look back to see what they wrote.


The tree is very simple, no wrong way to do it. I made mine years ago with just using dark brown card stock, cutting several branches out and just taping them to our wall. Another option is to buy a roll of brown shipping paper from Dollar Tree or Target. Just free hand a large tree on the paper rolled out and cut it out.You also need to cut out enough leaves for each child, for the length of time that you want to fill your tree. I buy a small pack of Recollections card  stock (Spice packet) from Michael’s, then print the leaves directly onto the paper and cut them out.


Click here to download the leaves


Here’s to filling up another thankful tree this year!

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