A Special Gift From Mickey & Minnie

We leave for Disneyland in just a few days so I’m in crunch mode to get my last few things done before we leave. Today I was able to cross another off of my list. Each year when we arrive at our hotel, the kids have a special gift waiting for them from Mickey & Minnie. They leave the kids new Disney pajamas to wear. They get so excited. My daughter tells me that she tells all of the kids at school that they should go to Disneyland because Mickey and Minnie will leave them pajamas too! I apologize in advance if your child goes to school with her and tells them this! Lol.



I always buy the kids pajamas from the Disney store. Since they are from Mickey and Minnie they need to be wrapped up nice and pretty right? I simply bought a roll of red wrapping paper and a roll of polka dot paper, used some yellow and black ribbon I had on hand along with a piece of  black and yellow card stock. I printed out the Mickey head template from family.disney.com.






My husband keeps the kids occupied while I run into the room and set the gifts on the beds, so when they come in they have a special surprise waiting for them, welcoming them to Disneyland! I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces in just a few days!


Thanks for stopping by!


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