Inside Out Disney Family Movie Night

Part of our families countdown to Disney tradition is to have a Disney family movie night each Friday before our trip. It really doesn’t take much time at all to put these nights together. I set the menu for dinner going along with the theme of the movie including a fun dessert. I like to visit the for activity ideas along with coming up with some of my own for the kids to work on while I’m making dinner right before the movie starts. Since Disney’s Inside Out came out digitally this past week, it was the perfect choice!

I made tickets and gave them to the kids in the morning before school inviting them to the movie later that night. I left a blank space on the ticket so they could draw in their own favorite character. It’s always fun to have something to look forward to.


Click on the link to download and print.


For dinner I chose grilled broccoli pizza with Inside Out S’mores Bars for dessert. I forgot to  take a picture of the brownies because the kids were so excited about them! I did you use this recipe for them but I made the brownies from scratch instead of using a box mix.



While dinner was cooking, we had some fun activities to do. I created a memory ball banner, printed it out and gave it to the kids. My son decided to just color each of the memory balls in, and my daughter drew each one of the characters on appropriate memory ball.



Another option would be for the kids to draw something that represents a memory that they had for each ball. They cut them out and I helped them attached some baker’s twine to the back to create the banner. The kids really enjoyed this and we hung them from the fireplace for some movie decorations.




Click below to download and print your own banner.


I also printed a bunch of fun activities from Disney’s Inside Out page. They always have so many great activities that you can print. They even have an Inside Out game you can play on the site.


 During the movie, the kids had some stove top popped popcorn in cute popcorn boxes that I found at Disney Movie Rewards. You do have to be registered and it does take 5 points to purchase the printables for the popcorn boxes and water bottle labels, but it’s so worth it!


We all loved the movie and the kids can’t wait to see what movie next week brings!

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