Family Friendly Road Trip to Prescott, Arizona


Yesterday I surprised the family and woke them up in the morning telling them it’s road trip day! A couple times a year I do this to obviously have family fun time together, but to show the kids different parts of the beautiful state we live in. This time we visited Prescott! I had a few ideas heading there but found once we got there that we could easily spend another day there so we’re planning to go back in a few months. From our house it’s about an hour and 45 minute drive, so it’s definitely a doable drive. Even though the drive isn’t too long, we of course still had to make a pit stop going both ways at the one rest area, Sunset Point. Does anyone else have this happen?! At least it’s a very pretty stop and the kids got to do some sight seeing.


First up on our itinerary when we got to Prescott was to head to downtown to the courthouse plaza. There happened to be a corvette show that morning so parking was scarce but we got lucky! From all of the signs around town, there are just a ton of events happening each weekend there. You can check the cities website for a calendar of events. We headed over to the beautiful courthouse area and let the kids run off some steam from the car ride. There are grassy lawns where visitors can relax and picnic, as well as statues of figures from Prescott history. The famed Whiskey Row is just across the street, and boutiques, restaurants, galleries and shops have sprung up around the square.


On our way to our next stop, we window shopped at a a bunch of the stores. I was in heaven! So many cute shops, but one of my favorite was a place called Fancy That. Right up my alley with a ton of vintage finds. I fell in love with this little calf painting. Sadly, I walked away with nothing, but I had a list of things I would have loved to buy!


Our next visit was to the Sharlot Hall Museum. I’m so grateful that my kids just love anything history related, so this was a perfect spot for us. Some details about the museum.


Sharlot Hall was a frontier poet who was appointed territorial historian in 1909, making her the first female public official in Arizona Territory. She founded the museum in 1928. The museum is a pioneer village centering on the original Governor’s Mansion, built in 1864. Buildings open to visitors also include the Fremont House, the relocated home of fifth territorial governor John Charles Fremont, and the Ranch House and School House, replicas that give tourists a feel for the tight quarters shared by Arizona’s pioneers. The Sharlot Hall Building houses exhibits on mining, ranching and firefighting during territorial days, as well as a cultural history of the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe.

We spent a couple hours exploring everything. The kids were even given a treasure hunt to do while walking through the museum, and in the end turned it in for a “treasure”.


We worked up quite an appetite by this point, so we headed back to the car and drove to Lynx Lake. It’s right off the main road heading back the way you came into town. There are signs you can follow, or you can just look for the corner that has the Arco gas station and Costco and make a right turn there. You just head up the road a bit and there are a lot of places to camp, picnic and even rent boats and kayaks. We choose an area and had a nice picnic lunch that we had brought at a table we found. The weather was nice and there were a lot of people there enjoying the lake as well.

Lynx -Lake


We headed home after this, but would love to come back and visit again soon. We would like to do a family hike at Thumb Butte and visit another museum or two. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for visiting Prescott with your family. I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions of more fun places to visit in Arizona!


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