Free Printable Fall Lunchbox Notes for the Kids!

Fall Lunchbox notes

My kids bring their lunch to school EVERYDAY. There hasn’t been one day that we’ve missed bringing lunch so I’m on a roll to make this 4 consecutive school years! That’s a lot of lunch making! I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I love knowing what my kids are eating each day and can make sure they are getting things they like. To put a little smile on their faces, and remind them that I’m thinking about them,  I make sure to stick in some kind of note each day. Some days it’s a joke, maybe a hand written note, or a picture that I drew just for them. I made a new set for Fall that I’m sharing with you today! Simply click on the link below the picture and print on card stock!

Fall Lunchbox Notes

Fall Lunchbox Notes

I hope your kids enjoy seeing these in their lunchboxes as much as mine do!

Thank you Prince_Padania_TOU_Logo1 & design button 2 for the use of the super cute clip art!

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