Rustic pumpkins made with scrap wood

Learn how to make a rustic pumpkin made with wood scraps

Now that September is here, I’m starting to think about Fall…especially fall décor! Fall is always such a cozy time and it makes me think of crunching leaves, sweaters, apple cider, and pumpkins! It makes it a bit tougher for us here in Arizona with it still being over 100 everyday but a girl can dream right?! I knew that I wanted to add some new pumpkins to my fall décor so I went searching through my wood stash and came up with these rustic pumpkins. I was inspired to make these when I saw something similar at Michael’s but they were way too dark in color for me so I thought I’d put my own spin on it. I did have everything on hand already so the cost of the project was free, but the supply list is small so it should be a low cost project.

Are you ready to make your own pumpkin?

Supplies you’ll need:

Pieces of scrap wood, pallet wood, or check out Home Depot or Lowes scrap section usually located right by their wood cutting area.

Wood glue (I use Gorilla Glue)

Sand paper

Paint colors of your choice (I used white and gold)


Pumpkin template

Tools you’ll need:

Tape Measure




Jigsaw (I use Ryobi)

Foam paint brush

Pumpkin collage

I had a full size fence board that I used so I measured it into 12 inch sections and used my  miter saw to cut them down. This could also be done with the jigsaw, it just takes a bit longer. Next decide how you want to arrange your boards. Glue each of them together, clamp them and let them dry for about an hour. While the glue is drying, you can print out the pumpkin template if you choose to use it and cut it out. I used the template on one of mine and just freehanded the larger pumpkin. When the glue is dry, trace your pumpkin on and cut the pumpkin out with the jigsaw. Sand the pumpkin to get the rough edges out.  Now it’s time to get creative with painting your pumpkin. I used white on each of my pieces of wood and painted the stem gold mixed with white. I watered down my paint a bit so it was more of a wash and lightly wiped the paint away with a rag after it sat for 30 seconds. There are endless ways to decorate your pumpkins!

Pumpkin collage

 Now find a spot for your new pumpkins, then sit back and admire them while dreaming about those cozy fall nights!

Rustic pumpkin

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