Back to School DIY Pencil Boxes

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I have another little back to school project to share today. Each school year I make my kids their own special pencil box. I let them choose what they’d like on it. In the past we’ve had a ¬†Lego Ninjago, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony. The kids love having something completely different than all of the other kids in the class. They get excited to choose the theme or character they’d like for the year and it’s a little reminder of home each time they take out the pencil box at school. This year my daughter chose Wonder Woman and my son chose the ever so popular Plants vs Zombies. During the summers we’ve even used the boxes when we’ve gone on vacation to hold their special little toys and trinkets they’ve chosen to bring. They’re great at keeping everything corralled together in one spot.

Pencil boxes

The boxes are extremely easy to make. The supplies you’ll need to make your own are:

A pencil box with a flat top (I’ve always found mine at Michael’s for $1.00)

A print out of your theme/character choice

Mod podge matte

A foam brush

Back to School DIY Pencil Box

First you’ll cut out your image that you printed to the size of the insert. Once you’re happy with that you’ll use the mod podge on the back of the paper covering it completely. Lay it on the box making sure to get it nice and straight. Let that dry to 30 minutes.

Back to School DIY Pencil Box

Next you’ll cover the top of the printed image completely with mod podge as well. It will look like it’s covered in white and be ruined but I promise it will dry clear!

 Back to School DIY Pencil Box

Give it about 30 minutes to fully dry and you’re new fancy pencil box is ready to be used! It’s such a great way to let the kids have their own style shine through!

Back to School DIY Pencil Boxes

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